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A Universe of its own

|About Peru
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Peruvian Jungle

About Peru

Peru is a universe of its own when it comes to culture and history. There are so many different worlds within the boundaries of just one country. In all of Latin America Peru has been blessed with so many different sites and environments.

Cusco and Machu Picchu are the obvious places you may want to visit.  But don’t stop there, because you’ll be missing out on so many amazing places to see and experience.
Go to the ancient colonial city of Lima to see the wonderful mix of America, Europe, Asia, and Africa which make up modern Peru.  From architecture, international and local cuisine to entertainment from the local musicians and artists, this high energy city is exciting and enjoyable when you know where to go with the right guide.

If it’s mountains, waterfalls, scenery, lush Amazon rainforest with enchanting wildlife, mystical sites, or an array of other natural wonders, you have chosen the right place.

Visit Arequipa,  a city surrounded by volcanoes and a large majority of it made from volcanic ash.  Arequipa is the gateway to the huge Colca Canyon – home to the mighty condor.
Peru has all this to offer and more.  It has the warm hearts of the village people who will greet you with open arms and introduce you to their creativity, food, passion and culture to make your journey the most amazing experience of a lifetime